The Adventure Commences

Tuesday 30th April 2019

We are very tired…..

After spending the last 4 weeks running the business 7 days a week from 12 noon till stop and decluttering our lives from 6am till 12 noon ….

Luckily we had help from special people whom we will miss very much.

The keys handed over we hitched up our newly acquired Van Royce caravan to my Range Rover and drove off in convoy, me, Craig, in front towing and Jenny behind following in the other Range Rover, from South Lopham nr Diss in Norfolk toward King’s Lynn in North West Norfolk.

Not having driven a Touring Caravan in many years we started slowly and gradually increased speed with confidence but always around the 50mph [80kph] mark not much more. The “van” towed comfortably but then after about 25 miles on a slight right corner on level road it started snaking [or fishtailing] …. why?

I immediately took my foot off the pedal to see if it would settle down, which it did, and then gradually increased speed to where we were before. It towed just fine again! Bizarre! I think it came down to one tyre pressure being lower than the other …. as were to experience later.

At King’s Lynn we refuelled and checked the tyre pressures – one had been much lower than the other – and headed off toward Boston